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Energy Programs for Industry

Do you own an industrial business in Colorado? Below are listed the programs that might benefit your Colorado business.

Industrial Assessment Centers for Manufacturers
U.S. Department of Energy
Industrial Assessment Centers provide energy, waste, and productivity assessments at no charge to small and mid-sized manufacturers. On average, recommended actions from an assessment result in annual cost savings of about $55,000. The assessments are performed by local teams of engineering faculty and students from 30 participating universities across the country. 
Contact: Industrial Technology and Energy Management Office,

  • Colorado State University
    Director: Dr. Harry W. Edwards, 970.491.5317
    Assistant Director: Mr. Michael Kostrzewa, 970.491.7709, 
    Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO 80523-1374
    IAC Office Phone: (970) 491-7709

Million Solar Roofs
U.S. Department of Energy
Seeks to place one million solar energy systems on U.S. roofs by year 2010. This initiative will use existing grants to help communities, businesses, governments, and utilities increase solar energy systems sales. One key feature involves the use of solar systems in federal buildings.
Local Contact: Jamie Evans, 303.275.4813

Rebuild America
U.S. Department of Energy
Rebuild America is a network of community partnerships that saves money by saving energy. Rebuild America partnerships, working with U.S. Department of Energy, improve the energy efficiency of their commercial and multifamily residential buildings.
Local Contact: Dave Waltzman, 303.275.4821

Rebuild Colorado
Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation
Rebuild Colorado, a program of the Governorís Office of Energy Management and Conservation, offers assistance to building owners who want to make energy upgrades with little or no up-front capital through performance contracting. Performance contracting is a means of financing commercial energy improvements through the future energy savings. For example, a building owner contracts with an energy services company to handle all aspects of the upgrade process. The energy services company guarantees that the actual energy savings achieved will pay for the project. Since 1997, Rebuild Colorado has assisted more than 70 customers, including counties, school districts, state agencies, colleges and universities, hospitals, cities and multi-family building organizations, in identifying and acting on these types of opportunities.
Local Contact: Linda Smith, 303-620-4294

Western Regional Biomass Energy Program
U.S. Department of Energy
Within the national goals and objectives, the Western Regional Biomass Energy Program's (WRBEP) mission is to develop and promote the commercial adoption of biomass energy technologies in partnership with industry and the States in accordance with an approved strategy for energy, environmental, and economic benefits to the region.
Local Contact: Dave Waltzman, 303.275.4821

Wind Powering America
U.S. Department of Energy
Wind Powering America is a commitment to dramatically increase the use of wind energy in the United States.
Local Contact: Steve Palomo, 303.275.4838

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